My primary areas of law are criminal law and construction law.

I was educated in Western Australia and graduated with Law Honours

Criminal Law

If you are arrested by the police, you need to understand your rights. We can discuss your rights on the telephone if you are detained by the police, including your right to silence and your right to have bail considered.

If bail is refused by the police, we can provide representation at a bail hearing. If you are arrested overnight, bail will usually be considered the next day the Court is sitting. I can be contacted on my mobile to discuss urgent applications for bail.

We provide legal advice and representation in all criminal matters, from simple traffic offences to the most serious charges dealt with on indictment in the District and Supreme Courts.


Whether you have a speeding fine or have been charged with a serious offence we can provide advice as to your rights when interacting with the police, represent you in a bail application in the Magistrates Court or Supreme Court, provide advice as to the likelihood of success at trial and other legal avenues that may be open to you, represent you at the trial or if you intend to enter a plea of guilty to a charge, represent you at a sentencing hearing.

Construction and Building Disputes

I regularly appear in Building Commission matters and in the State Administrative Tribunal for building dispute matters and rapid adjudication applications.

I have extensive technical knowledge of the electrical and construction industries, allowing me to better understand the practical issues that arise in construction disputes, regulatory prosecutions, and building disputes.

Civil Matters

I have appeared in Statutory Demand matters, both as counsel for the Plaintiff and for the Respondent. I regularly appear in the Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts for debt collection and civil matters.

The majority of civil matters proceed to mediation or a pre-trial conference. I have successfully represented clients at  mediation conferences achieving positive outcomes preventing the associated costs and stress of litigation.

We can assist in all debt collection matters, from letters of demand right through to civil judgment enforcement. In some matters, we can provide fixed costs. If you have a current judgment that you need enforced, please contact our office.

Property Matters

We can assist in all property matters, including the lodgement and withdrawal of caveats, registration of equitable mortgages by way of caveat, adverse possession claims, joint ownership disputes, commercial leasing and general property advice.

For URGENT matters I can be contacted on mobile 0487 585 454.

If you have matters in the regional Courts, Lancelin, Northam, Geraldton, Carnarvon or Karratha, please contact me.

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