Contractual or Workmanship disputes 

Building disputes can be of a contractural or quality nature. What starts off as the most important investment in your life, your home, can result in angst resulting from what you thought you were going to get, against what you have been provided.

Negotiating with the other party

We have negotiated many claims preventing the need for litigation. A large amount of disputes are a simple misunderstanding that we, as building dispute lawyers, can solve for you.

If you have any of the following issues please contact Paul Holmes to discuss:

  • Poor quality finishes
  • Work not completed to the requisite standard
  • Time overruns that may require a payment of rent
  • Contractual issues such as variation costs or Provisional Sum disputes
  • Provisional sum or variation cost issues.


Paul Holmes has spent over 20 years associated with Building and Construction.  His understanding of the relevant Australian Standards and keen eye for detail, prevents the need to engage experts in the first instance, saving time and costs.


If any matter cannot be resolved by negotiation, Paul Holmes can represent you in the State Administrative Tribunal at trial or the make submissions for you in the Building Commission.


Call Paul Holmes now for an obligation free discussion, 0487 585 454.